New Aaliyah Remix by DJ Supe

Gotta Be "Super" Or Somthing

New Aaliyah Remix by DJ Supe

DJ Supe has just released a new remix of Aaliyah’s hit single “If Your Girl Only Knew”. Originally released in 1996, the song was written by Missy Elliot and Timbaland. Timbaland’s production perfectly complimented Aaliyah’s delivery as noted by critics. DJ Supe’s rendition the original funk tone and adds soulful piano chord progression. “I wanted to add something as pretty as Aaliyah’s voice,” Supe says. “With her passing, the melody I added is a little ominous…similar to a memorial of good times of a legendary performer.”

Check out the remix on YouTube and Soundcloud. You can download it for free on DJ Supe’s SoundCloud page.

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