Comedy Night at the Guild

The Guild Theater 2828 35th St., Sacramento

This just in….June 26th that’s right June 26th Comedy Night at the Guild Theater is back …. if y’all missed last month’s show you don’t want to miss this one ….. this line up is just as crazy I got Comedian @leon_gibson76 then I got my man @tristanfunny and me as your Host of course…
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$15 – $20

Summer Fun: Set Appreciation BBQ

Alright, ALRIGHT, AWLRIGHT..AWWWWLLLRIIIIGHT! DJ Supe will be back at it again for the 11th Annual Set Appreciation BBQ. Presented by Calvary MC and Breakin’ Bread MC, it will be honoring The Choppers MC with the lifetime achievement award! It goes down Saturday July 31, 2021 from 2pm-5pm at Louis Park… 3121 Monte Diablo Ave. Stockton,…
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