Gotta Be "Super" Or Somthing

DJ Supe with M-Audio Keyboard

Deejay Supe, known professionally as DJ Supe, is an American DJ and record producer born in Sacramento, CA. He produces several artists close to his place of birth to maintain a feeling of home while creating. He is known as an influential figure in the Sacramento music scene as a club/radio DJ, music store owner and studio producer/engineer.

DJ Supe’s father is a retired aircraft mechanic in the United States Air Force and his mother is a seamstress and interior decorator. Growing up in a strict religious household, Supe was unable to listen to current secular music openly so he secretly traded music with his friends. When no one was around, he would listen to his parents old school vinyl collection on their record player. Supe would open the front door to his house and turn the speakers up loud so passerby’s could hear the music he was selecting.

As a teenager, DJ Supe joined the Regional Occupational Program at John F. Kennedy High School where he attended. He chose Radio/TV Productions courses and while on a tour of the facility, he passed by a pair of Technic 1200 turntables and a mixing console. While his classmates completed television production assignments, Supe was allowed to be trained as a DJ on the community station KCBL 88.7 Cable FM.

After graduating high school in 1994, DJ Supe and his buddies formed a Hip-Hop group called Livestock where he produced songs and performed on stage DJ duties. The notoriety gained from that led to then Sacramento-based on-air personality Ibrahim “Ebro” Darden to allow Supe to cover mixing duties on his “Flava Show” program on KSFM 102.5 FM (Sacramento, CA) The taste of being on a commercial radio station was intoxicating. Around 1998, Ebro again noticed Supe’s talents and called on him to join KBMB 103.5 FM, a new station Ebro had joined as a programmer.

During the early 2000s, DJ Supe did everything from open a record store, travel the world as a DJ on Norwegian Cruise Lines, and produced for a handful of artists.

Currently, DJ Supe owns a recording studio in Sacramento where he records, mixes and masters various projects. He has released music that is available on all major digital stores and streaming services. He continues to DJ at concerts, festivals, and clubs as well as on the digital radio station KHNR 80.5 Marsupial Radio.