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DJ Supe Weirdo EP cover

DJ Supe Releases Weirdo EP

DJ Supe Weirdo EP Cover

DJ Supe Releases Weirdo EP

DJ Supe has released his first full length project entitled “Weirdo”.

Featuring some of Northern California’s most promising arists, DJ Supe produced and compiled this Voltron-esque cornucopia of gems.

Leading¬† off this project is Hip-Hop recording artist Ruben Eaton with “Never Did”. Bars reign supreme with this sinister track. The story is is relatable and the hook is quotable.

The group Pacific Sunrise provide a fun lyrical extravaganza with a bass heavy potential hit. Consisting of Jammal, Red, and Slim, this hook is the most infectious in the project. Cool lyrics, weird-a$$ beat, and a flow that keeps you engaged.

Soul/R&B artist Genesis creates the transition on this project by singing over a track that could have went either way. One of the “weirdess” beats on this EP, it is amazing how she arranges her creamy vocals over Supe’s quirky stutters.

When it comes to true soul, all but a few artists can be consider pure singers. Lady Carla embraced “Foreplay” in a way that can not be denied. Everything from the vocal runs to the homage paid to classic R&B made this sexy and sultry song a standout addition. Probably the most bass heavy of this five-piece meal.

Finally, neo-soul rapper (yeah…neo-soul rapper) Tey Yaniis brings the Weirdo EP full circle with “Thang For You”. With more help from Lady Carla, Tey Yaniis found the formula to bring DJ Supe’s ’90s inspired track to life. Think Biggie, think SWV, think Aaliyah in gold hoops, think Fresh Prince “Summertime” and keep your iTunes on repeat.

This EP does not adhere to a single theme. Incorporating both Hip-Hop and R&B, Supe unapologetically and deliberately surfs between standards and experimental sounds. This avant garde endeavor is a showcase of the spectrum executed by the artists herein.

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