Sunday School…Class is in Session

Sunday School…Class is in Session

SUNDAY-SCHOOL-LOGOSunday School…Class is in Session

Sunday School is a show dedicated to nothing but Classic and REAL throwback Hip-Hop. When we say REAL throwback, we mean music that was consumed by people who lived, loved and experienced hip hop culture during the “Golden Era”. Anybody with a radio remembers, Regulators, or Gangstas Paradise, but only people who were really there living and loving HIP-HOP know how it feels to hear Spice 1 or Rass Kass on the radio in the year 2015. Sunday School aims to do this every week on KHHM 103.5 FM in Sacramento, CA from 5pm-8pm with hosts Freeze (From Los Angeles and raised in Sacramento), Famous (From Oakland) and DJ Tone Pesci (From New York). Bringing music from the past from various regions around the United States, Sunday School is giving GOOD music a chance to survive on the radio again. Tune in and check out DJ Tone Pesci’s Recess mix and After School Detention mix as well.

Social information for Sunday School:

IG sundayschoollive

TW SundaySchoolYo

FB SundaySchoolLive


If you are STILL for some crazy reason not convinced that Sunday School is the show to listen to, come see the live manifestation on Sunday September 6 at Harlow’s downtown Sacramento. Here are the details:


Make sure to mark on your calendars Sunday School Live featuring: KEITH MURRAY, THE LUNIZ, JERMAINE DUPRI, RICHIE RICH AND SPECIAL SURPRISE GUESTS! Sunday September 6th DOWNSTAIRS at Harlow’s,  UPSTAIRS at MoMo Lounge, and THROWBACK MUSIC VIDEOS on the patio out back! Get your tickets today at 2 clubs 1 price. AND IT IS A 3 DAY WEEKEND SO DO WORRY ABOUT WORK ON MONDAY…FEEL FREE TO GET TURNT…CLASSIC HIP-HOP STYLE!!!

This is a 21 and over event.

Contributing Writer Freeze (format editing by DJ Supe)


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