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The Sacramento Black Expo 2017

DJ Supe Performing at the 2017 Sacramento Black Expo

The Sacramento Black Expo 2017

DJ Supe performing at The 2017 Sacramento Black Expo

DJ Supe performing at The 2017 Sacramento Black Expo in Sacramento, Saturday, February 25. This event is happening at California Exposition 1600 Exposition Blvd Sacramento, CA 11am-6pm. Health and Education summits, Farmers Market, Soul Food Cook Off, Talent Showcase, Fashion Show with Mario Benton, Live Music, and hits provided by Deejay Supe!

This is a FREE EVENT!!!




DJ Supe And Genesis Release R&B/Urban Single “Call Me”

DJ Supe Call Me CD artworkDJ Supe And Genesis Release R&B/Urban Single “Call Me”

DJ Supe releases his newest single “Call Me” on today for Halloween 2016. This song features new singer/songwriter Genesis.

“Call Me” is available on all digital retailers and streaming services on Halloween, October 31, 2016. It is the second single from the Weirdo EP. It features a new collaboration with singer/songwriter Genesis. For “Call Me”, DJ Supe displays a modern R&B sound similar to artist such as The Weeknd and PARTYNEXTDOOR.

Early press has given it immediate praise, “Producer of a vast array of sumptuously diverse melodies, scattershot drum hits, and punctuating basslines — we’re once again treated to a track that showcases the latest trends from the iconic DJ Supe.” (R. Tee, Jamsphere Magazine)

The new single “Call Me” by DJ Supe featuring Genesis will be available for purchase on Halloween, October 31, 2016 on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify and all other major digital vendors.



Open Letter to an Indie Promoter

soundcloud_moneyOpen Letter to an Indie Promoter

In response to an indie promoter who wanted me to purchase a Soundcloud promotions package:

Good Morning,

Thanks for the information! I looked at quite a few of the examples you sent. I analyzed some of the artists other social media. I looked at sales if any on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play. the-best-of-the-skeptical-3rd-world-kid-memeI also checked the follower and play counts on Spotify, Tidal etc. (acquired the information online). I don’t see the aforementioned Soundcloud promotion packages translating in to income streams. I also do not see any press or reviews on the artists on any independent blogs/magazines. That raises my skepticism to be honest.

A little background on me… I have been deejaying since 1994. I have owned a record store, played on the radio (terrestrial, internet, and satellite), and played in other countries. I have a studio in Sacramento, CA and have started producing a lot more now that I have a base of operations to be uninhibited in my creativity (literally I have been working on 3 songs since 2am, not even tired yet lol)

Over time, I have been exposed to the new marketing strategies that many times can be drilled down to simply vanity marketing. I have experimented with creating the perception of popularity via social media numbers. That includes everything from “contributions” to editors for article write ups on blogs, to buying ad space on internet radio stations for rotation, to using smartphone apps to outright buy likes, shares, and even customized comments. I have realized to see real engagement and build a legitimate fan base that will spend money I need comprehensive marketing if in fact I am going to play the game. I also have to cultivate a platform that perpetuates relationships that could manifest from such techniques.

internet-radioFor $1000 I could get an artist’s Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Facebook, and Youtube looking active along with blue check mark artist verification for a few of those platforms with radio airplay and articles to boot. Problem with that is it distracts the artists from what really matters…revenue. I want to take it a step further, I want artists to know if they are played on a radio station, that they should be registered with several organizations so that they can collect performance royalties. Knowing that every “radio station” does not provide that is important. Teaching them how to build a resume from reviews and write ups if they are going to spend money on that goes a long with building interest in what an artist has to offer. Showing artists how to cultivate a relationship with a taste maker paves the way for successive songs to get showcased with high priority.

My background in radio provides me with information a lot of artists and indie promoters don’t know about. I won’t go in to detail but it is rooted in traditional idealism. One concept is you cannot build organic relationships from simply investing in vanity social media boosts. The other concept boils down to resources…you HAVE to spend money to make money. As I transition from DJ to artist, I knew this going in and am currently testing my theories on a scientific level. The results have been what I expected.

Sorry to talk your ear off, and I hope I have not offended you. The most interesting part of this whole thing is I am really not supposed to talk about all of this openly. I was supposed to simply ignore your email because we all know what we are really doing by repackaging a service we could perform for ourselves. If the average indie artist actually took a minute to just look around at what is happening and start asking questions and finding answers, a lot of folks would lose money because the artists would truly become independent. Some of my old record label reps have become just what I described…they have reinvented themselves as social media marketers but they have the added value of having maintained contact with people like me to continue to push their projects. I play their stuff because I like the promoters and they make me feel important. I could go on and on, but what I want to know from you is do you offer more than just simply pushing my Soundcloud numbers?

DJ Supe


Music Playlist Add: Common feat Marsha Ambrosius & PJ “Lovestar”


Music Playlist Add: Common feat Marsha Ambrosius & PJ “Lovestar”

This is the Common we have been missing. This is the fusion that has been lost in the current musical landscape. This is the music that creates timeless memories.

With help of Marsha Ambrosius and PJ, Common delivers a song that will stay in tune with likes of “Go!”, “Testify”, and “I Used to Love H.E.R.” It has a smooth tone and lyrical content that lovers will be able to relate to. Very clever and very sensual.

As a music professional, of course I have to point out that the producer on this song used an interpolation of Mtume “You, Me, and He”. I have embedded both songs for your comparison. Enjoy!




Featured Article: Jamsphere Magazine Reviews “Bonnie & Clyde”

screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-3-21-12-pmFeatured Article: Jamsphere Magazine Reviews “Bonnie & Clyde”

Check out the new review of DJ Supe “Bonnie & Clyde” featuring TanJanae on Jamsphere Magazine’s website.

The printed version comes out September 15, 2016.


DJ Supe and TanJanae to Release New Single “Bonnie & Clyde”

DJ Supe and TanJanae to Release New Single “Bonnie & Clyde”


Sacramento, California – August 8, 2016 – DJ Supe is slated to release his new single “Bonnie & Clyde” featuring up and coming singer-songwriter TanJanae. This track is her first single under CKeen Moore Management.

With a sinister baseline and infectious organ composed by veteran DJ Supe, TanJanae expresses smart and sexy lyrical content that will appeal to young audiences and avid radio listeners. Music by DJ Supe often pays homage to golden era hip hop with a taste of R&B that modern soul artists are seeking. This production embodies more West Coast sensibilities without sounding dated.

“Every time someone heard the preliminary mix at my studio, they wanted it for themselves,” says DJ Supe, adding, “I had to wait for the right match, TanJanae was it!”

The new single “Bonnie & Clyde” produced by DJ Supe featuring freshman artist TanJanae will be available August 15, 2016 on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify and all other major digital vendors. Visit for information on the official release and other related events.



New #DJSupeQuickMix

DJ Supe - Quickmix March 2016

New #DJSupeQuickmix

New #DJSupeQuickmix feature music videos by @justplayjk, @callmetelli, @therealbsmoove, @yunghog615, @jaesynth, @LILDARRION, @iamTreSolid, @plusmoney, @NefThePharaoh, @JMTHESPHINX This mix is a #FreeDownload!!! Show your support by buying music from these artists!!!

Listen/download the mix HERE on #Soundcloud! Check out the video below!!!


DJ Supe performing at Sex, Love, and Pain Tour

DJ Supe performing at Sex, Love, and Pain Tour

DJ Supe Performing at Sex, Love, and Pain Tour

DJ Supe performing at Sex, Love, and Pain Tour in Sacramento, Friday, April 1. This event is located at The Double Nickel Smokehouse inside of Strikes and the doors open at 8:30pm. The address is 3445 Laguna Blvd, Elk Grove, CA 95758. Show your support by joining the Facebook event page at HERE!

DJ Supe will be on deck spinning a mixture of R&B and club hits.

Dress code is strictly enforced. You must be stylish! Tickets are $30 and available only at the Strikes box office at 3445 Laguna Blvd, Elk Grove, CA 95758.


DJ Supe at The Brickhouse

DJ Supe at The Brickhouse 3-4-2016

DJ Supe at The Brickhouse

DJ Supe at The Brickhouse Gallery and Art Complex in Sacramento, Friday, March 4. This is a First Fridays event from 6pm-10pm. The address is 2837 36th St. Sacramento, CA 95817. You can visit The Brickhouse official website for information on this and more upcoming events at

DJ Supe will be spinning a mixture of Soul and Rare Grooves.

This show will feature The Sacred Places/Sacred Spaces exhibit with artists Deborah Pittman and Barbara Hoffman. There will be food and refreshments so come on out and enjoy!


Guilty (produced by @DJSupe) is Available Now

Ayanna Charlene - Guilty (produced by DJ Supe)Guilty (produced by @DJSupe) is Available Now

Ayanna Charlene newest single, “Guilty” is available now on iTunes and Google Play! The song is about an insecure woman who is listening to her intuition and feeding her burning flame of insecurities. Sometimes a man can make us feel some type of way. But when he is inconsistent it looks guilty. “Guilty” is not only about a man who looks guilty. But a woman who is guilty of her own insecurities.

Featuring production by @DJSupe, ultimately the entire EP is touching subjects that most women are afraid to admit they are guilty of. No woman wants to talk about going through her man’s phone…but we do it. Or going on missions late at night to see if he really is where he says he is. “Guilty” is a unique metaphorical way of speaking on this powerful emotion in all of 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

Listen to the song below now!

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