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DJ Supe Releases Milkshake Remix

DJ Supe Releases Milkshake Remix

DJ Supe has released a remix of Kelis’ Milkshake. Supe’s remix leans more to the urban side with a deep bassline and funky highlights.

It has been released in coooperation with MixBank/DubSet as part of DJ Supe’s Legacy Remix Series.

You can find the remix on iTunes/Apple Music or stream it below! Please support by purchasing directly from the link!



New Beat by DJ Supe: 40 Trips

DJ Supe 40 TripsNew Beat by DJ Supe: 40 Trips

The new beat by DJ Supe: 40 Trips has an interesting back story…

Supe is a mainstay in the Central Vally of California. Born and raised in Sacramento, he has continued to contribute to the musical landscape. Whether recording and filming at his studio, or developing artists with his project management approach, there has been very few endeavors he has not conquered. “40 Trips” was started on his recent birthday and named accordingly to illustrate the new branding he has embraced. #DJSupe1000Shows is his official hashtag…he has performed 998 times as of the publishing of this article. Almost there!

(produced by DJ Supe)

DJ Supe Beats

DJ Supe Beats Series…Real Ones

DJ Supe Beats

DJ Supe Beats Series: Real Ones

Here is a brand new installment from the DJ Supe Beats Series. This one is called “Real Ones”

Back Story: I was listening to a song by Joe Moses called “For a Real One” on repeat. I was enthralled by the tempo initially. You don’t hear too many songs in the 103-105 range these days that are solid hits. Everything seems to be just below 100. I found the song to be a good mix with Nicki Minaj’s “Truffle Butter”.

***SAMPLE HEADS ALERT*** “Truffle Butter” is a sample of Maya Jane Cole’s “What They Say”. Listen below and tell me if you are having fun yet…

I actually preferred the version with Mally Mall, Drake, Tyga and The K.I.D. Heat entitled “What You Say”. Even before that there was a short snippet version called “All White”. Ok I digress…back to me!

So while listening to Joe Moses song, I was playing with FL Studio and was mad that I was starting to exhaust all of my sounds (well not really, I was just getting lazy). Then I found a sick organ VST plugin that I tweaked to use like a bass module. You almost miss the quirky initial hammer that hits before the sustain if you are not paying attention. Think I went Dm to Gm (typical). It was easy to see why notes from the scale were picked because they sit nicely in there without being disturbed. Then I threw in a dirty-ass Rhodes in case someone wanted to sing on it and just got into it. An up and coming female artist already hopped on it (yay me!)

So here it is! The latest installment of the DJ Supe Beats Series “Real Ones”. Enjoy and give me some feedback please!


New beat by DJ Supe!

Can you guess the sample I used? Big hint in the title! #DJSupe #Beats #Production #HipHop #RnB


New production by DJ Supe

New music production by DJ Supe. “Downtown” is a melodic song perfect for R&B. Take a listen now!