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Good DJ Indicators

So last time we talked about where to find a good Disc Jockey. Now let’s talk about three major indicators of a good Disc Jockey. As you’re looking around, keep in mind that there are three major indicators of a company’s professionalism and reputation: 1. Quality of first impression. An informative and smartly designed website,…

Where can I find a DJ?

So you want to get married and don’t know the first place to look for a Disc Jockey. You have heard the horror stories and don’t want to pick the wrong person! Let’s figure this all out! A great place to start is word-of-mouth recommendations. Recently married friends may have some suggestions, and so will…

New site!!!!

As the Fall season starts, I decided to set up a totally new website! This new design will allow for a lot more interactivity with fans and other music lovers. More contests, videos, updates, giveaways and much more are in store starting Tuesday, September 30 with a brand new #djsupequickmix